Cloud backups for your UniFi Network Controller

With BackiFi, you can…

  • Automate off-premises backup
  • Schedule hourly, weekly, monthly backups
  • Connect securely with your own cloud storage


How much does this cost?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. $0
We started by building it for ourselves. Then thought others would use it. No one could agree what it was worth to charge, so we thought let’s not charge anything and if users find it useful, they might pay us a few pennies here and there. We’ll drop hints about giving us a couple bucks from time to time. But really, only give us money if you want to.

What does this do?

If you have a CloudKey or onsite UBNT Controller, or even a hosted controller, your backups are saved locally. BackiFi allows you to connect to your own 3rd party cloud storage and run your own customized schedules to backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS S3, Azure Blob or a FTP location.

How much data can I backup?

It doesn’t bother us – we don’t touch your actual backups, so you can store however much you like in your 3rd party cloud service.

What gets backed up?

All controller settings and 7 days of logs. We don’t backup video, but if you want us to look into it, ask us 🙂

Why do I need this?

Even though your controller has schedules and automated backups, they are stored locally. So we know that HDD have a 100% failure rate eventually, what happens when the CloudKey is bricked, the HDD fails or someone steals it. Your backups go with it. With an offsite backup, you can restore to a new one.

Is it secure?

We don’t store or process any of your backup files, this thingy that we’ve built essentially setups scripts and API calls to tell your controller to create a backup and then have your 3rd party storage download that backup. We don’t keep any of your backups, not even for a second.

You can also just allow our application access to your controller by whitelisting through your firewall.


Can I use this for Commercial purposes?

Sure, we wouldn’t know if it was for personal or business, it’s here for any need.

How Frequently can I backup?

We made it super easy to do weekly and monthly backups, but using our scheduler you can do daily and even hourly. Our thought was this service should be a fall-back to your controller backups, so weekly would be frequent enough, but go for your life.

I need to talk to you!

Shower us in praise? Suggest an Idea? get some support? Sure – we added a chat widget inside the application that will let you message us, or you can email at [email protected] Just please note, we’re developers and this is free, so customer support is not a 24/7/365 thing. We more want to hear ideas of what we should improve and fix.

Thank Us?

This is a passion project rather than an earning, but we do have some expenses like servers, hosting, domains, and coffee. Coffee keeps us going. We would be forever grateful, if you find this useful, to keep us going by buying us a coffee.

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